"Would You Rather...?" questions for kids - the BEST 101 list there is

Kavin Wadhar
November 4, 2020

"Would you rather...?" questions for kids are a fun and easy way to get kids talking and thinking. We scoured the internet to come up with this clean and child-friendly list of 101 questions just for you. They are perfect for 7-11 year olds and complement the questions we have in our App - check it out!.

The great thing about "Would you rather...?" questions is that they are really an open-ended questions posing as a close-ended question. For example, when you ask then "Would you rather be 5 years older or 5 years younger?" they might say "Older". Be sure then to follow-up with "Why?" or "What would make you change your mind?" - this is what really gets an open discussion going.

Enjoy the list and try some out at the dinner table tonight!

About Family

1.  Would you rather have five brothers or five sisters?

2.  Would you rather be more like Mum or more like Dad?

3.  Would you rather be the eldest sibling or be the youngest sibling?

4.  Would you rather if our family was super noisy or super quiet?

5.  Would you rather have no children or 10 children when you grow-up?

6.  Would you rather meet your great grandfather or your great grandson?

About Animals

7.  Would you rather fly like a bird or swim like a fish?

8.  Would you rather live as a dog or as a cat?

9.  Would you rather be a giant mouse or a tiny elephant?

10.  Would you rather have a pet spider or a pet snake?

11.  Would you rather jump like a kangaroo or run like a cheetah?

12.  Would you rather be able to speak to animals or be able to listen to animals?


13.  Would you rather be super strong or be superfast?

14.  Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

15.  Would you rather be friends with Batman or friends with Robin?

16.  Would you rather be Clark Kent or Superman?

Fantasy and Creative

17.  Would you rather visit the future or the past?

18.  Would you rather own a magic flying carpet or be the magic flying carpet?

19.  Would you rather jump on a cloud or slide down a rainbow?

20.  Would you rather be five years older or five years younger?

21.  Would you rather be in a movie or be on youtube?

22.  Would you rather be super lucky or super smart?

23.  Would you rather never have to eat or never have to sleep?

24.  Would you rather be a human or a robot?

25.  Would you rather travel into space or see the bottom of the ocean?

26.  Would you rather have a magic wand or be able to teleport?

At School

27.  Would you rather be your Maths teacher or your English teacher?

28.  Would you rather be the pupil or the teacher?

29.  Would you rather learn from home or learn from school?

30.  Would you rather be fluent in Spanish or fluent in French?

31.  Would you rather having coding skills or artistic skills?

32.  Would you rather have no homework or be paid to do homework?

33.  Would you rather go to a single-sex school or a mixed-sex school?

34.  Would you rather play the piano or the guitar?

35.  Would you rather have no homework ever or no exams ever?

36.  Would you rather be the smartest or the most popular in your class?

37.  Would you rather read a book or listen to a book?

38.  Would you rather be home-schooled or sent to a boarding-school?

The Home

39.  Would you rather live on the Moon or on Mars?

40.  Would you rather live on a deserted island or live in the desert?

41.  Would you rather live in a really hot country or a really cold country?

42.  Would you rather live in a house shaped like a circle or like a triangle?

43.  Would you rather live in a big noisy house or a quiet small flat?

44.  Would you rather live on a boat or live in the forest?

45.  Would you rather live next to a theme park or next to a candy store?

46.  Would you rather watch movies or TV shows?

47.  Would you rather tidy your room or wash the dishes?


48.  Would you rather be a doctor or a scientist?

49.  Would you rather be a coder or a youtuber?

50.  Would you rather be a policeman or a fireman?

51.  Would you rather do a job that pays well or a job that you love?

52.  Would you rather have a million followers on Instagram or on TikTok?

53.  Would you rather be a chef or own a restaurant?

54.  Would you rather be super famous or super rich?


55.  Would you rather eat pizza all year or burgers all year?

56.  Would you rather eat fruit all the time or vegetables all the time?

57.  Would you rather be hungry for a day or stuffed for a week?

58.  Would you rather eat a cupcake or a slice of cake?

59.  Would you rather have pancakes for breakfast or pizza for dinner?

60.  Would you rather drink 5 glasses of water or 10 glasses of coke?

61.  Would you rather only be able to use a spoon or only a fork?

62.  Would you rather eat onions or eat garlic?

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63.  Would you rather be rich among poor people, or poor among rich people?

64.  Would you rather win by yourself or lose in a team?

65.  Would you rather do a school project by yourself or with your friends?

66.  Would you rather have lots of good friends or a few great friends?

67.  Would you rather win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?

68.  Would you rather have 1 million dollars in the bank or give 10 million dollars to charity?


69.  Would you rather play outdoors or indoors?

70.  Would you rather play physical games like football or mental games like chess?

71.  Would you rather compete alone or compete in a team?

72.  Would you rather playing sports you like or sports you are good at?

73.  Would you rather be the star in a good team or average in a great team?

74.  Would you rather protect a draw or risk a win?

75.  Would you rather pass the ball or would you rather score the goal?

76.  Would you rather play when it is really hot or when it is really cold?

Icky Ones!

77.  Would you rather brush your teeth with soup or with soap?

78.  Would you rather eat a cheese sandwich with ice cream inside, or an ice cream with cheese inside?

79.  Would you rather swim in jelly or swim in nutella?

80.  Would you rather eat a worm or eat a spider?

81.  Would you rather lick the bottom of your shoes or my shoes?

82.  Would you rather live without shampoo or without toothpaste?

83.  Would you rather eat a chilli or drink some hot sauce?

84.  Would you rather eat rotten eggs or drink sour milk?

Silly Ones!

85. Would you rather walk on all fours or walk backwards?

86. Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

87. Would you rather have a long nose or big ears?

88. Would you rather have to high five everyone you see or hug everyone you see?

89. Would you rather have purple hair or green hair?

90. Would you rather have blue skin or red skin?

91. Would you rather always have to enter rooms backwards or always have to somersault out?

92. Would you rather have webbed feet or webbed hands?

93. Would you rather swim in custard or in jelly?94. Would you rather have big muscles on your arms or on your legs?

And to finish

95.  Would you rather meet a famous movie star or a famous sports person?

96.  Would you rather be blind or be deaf?

97.  Would you rather $5 now or $10 next week?

98.  Would you rather get up early or stay up late?

99.  Would you rather be too hot or be too cold?

100. Would you rather not be able to speak or not be able to write?

101. Would you rather have a short rich life or along poor life?

If you enjoyed that and want more types of questions then check out this other 101 list we created.


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