Dinner table chats will never be the same

"Would chocolate rain be a good thing?" "What would you call a new colour you invent?" "How would you describe a tree to an alien?"

🙋 These 50+ questions are bound to get your kids talking in new and fun ways, helping the whole family connect through conversation.

🧠 Flip the card over for thoughtful prompts, that will help your 6-12 year old kids to think more broadly and deeply (and in a way that won’t feel like learning!)

💡 Deliberately designed to build 21st century skills like creativity, communication, critical thinking, leadership, empathy and resilience.


🎓 Our work is backed by a team of education & parenting experts and we even got featured by the BBC for what we do!

🌱 KidCoach Cards are printed and assembled in the UK to minimise carbon footprint, each card is laminated to survive spills and they come in a sturdy tin box which slots perfectly into handbags.

💙 Children love the conversations these will spark. They say things like: "It's fun!" and "I enjoy giving my opinion!" and "I like to use my brain!"



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“Really high quality product. Well laminated cards and a sturdy box to keep them in."


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