The Advisory Board

A select team of education and parenting experts who are all passionate about the mission of KidCoachApp! They review content and inspire us with new ideas, helping to improve the App every single month!

Nick Chandley

"Hi, my name is Nick Chandley and I am a former primary school teacher and curriculum development leader.   I’m now a Philosophy for Children and Thinking Moves trainer at DialogueWorks and Philosophy for Schools. I work with many schools around the world, particularly on embedding thinking across the curriculum, and I’ve been very lucky to have been involved in many wonderful projects, such as CBeebies’ ‘What’s the big idea?’ and ‘Feeling better’ and BBC2’s ’The world according to kids’.

I joined the KidCoachApp Advisory Board because I think that whilst I work primarily with schools, thoughtful conversations at home are at the heart of every child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

My favourite skill to develop in children is
one that they already have in abundance but which is always in danger of being undermined – curiosity."

Sue Atkins

"Hi, my name is Sue Atkins and I am the BBC, Disney Family & ITV ‘This Morning’ parenting expert. I’m the author of ‘The Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover Your Confidence Superpower and founder of Sue Atkins.

I joined the KidCoachApp Advisory Board because great conversations fire the imagination of children and help children think critically, creatively & empathically for themselves. KidCoachApp is a wonderfully engaging tool to support parents to kick start those deeper conversations and I love the mission to help parents raise kids with big hearts, creative brains and clear voices.

My favourite skill to develop in children is confidence, self esteem and a can-do attitude to life."

Ian Gilbert

"Hi, my name is Ian Gilbert and I am an award-winning writer and editor and the founder of education company Independent Thinking. I am passionate about helping children to think deeply, creatively, philosophically, critically and for themselves. Through my work in schools across the world and through my thinking skills tools such as Thunks and 8Way Thinking, I have been able to support many thousands of teachers and children to be better thinkers (and speakers and listeners).

I joined the KidCoachApp Advisory Board because
the more we have families working together to promote great thinking in children, the better the world will be.

My favourite skill to develop in children is
getting them to ask questions, difficult ones."

Dr Kate Cross

"Hi, my name is Dr Kate Cross and I am an Educational and Child Psychologist. I’ve worked in many different settings, schools and clinics in London and Dublin. I work as a psychologist on a disability team supporting children with additional needs. I am also a mum of two young children.

I joined the KidCoachApp Advisory Board
because I am passionate about promoting meaningful engagement between parents and children.

My favourite skill to develop in children is
empathy and the ability to see something from another person’s point of view."

Sarah Davies

"Hi, my name is Sarah Davies and I am Head of English and Associate Assistant Head Teacher at a secondary school in the UK. I am author of ‘Talking about Oracy’ which focusses on the importance of effective communication and how it is the basis for improving students' life skills and future aspirations. I am also the proud mother of two little characters!

I joined the KidCoachApp Advisory Board because it is important for all stakeholders in a child’s development to encourage and nurture their voice. Sometimes it can be difficult; sometimes as a parent we may feel like we’re not doing enough or that we maybe do too much. That’s ok! It’s about exploring and reflecting together that makes the KidCoachApp such a useful part of any parenting toolkit!

My favourite skill to develop in children is providing them with the confidence to ask the most difficult questions."

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