Mission Statement 🎯

Our mission at KidCoach is to help parents be the best coach they can for their kids, building the 21st century skills they need to thrive.

Fact 1

85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet. The world is changing SO fast our children need more transferable 21st century skills to thrive in it (e.g. creativity, critical thinking, communication etc).
Fact 2

80% of a child’s waking hours across the year are spent at home (not at school). That’s why we passionately believe that we parents are extremely well placed to help our children build these vital 21st century skills they need.
Fact 3

Families are busy, hectic places. Parents have 14 hours less free time than others having to juggle work, school and extra-curricular activities for the kids. So however we end up helping parents, it must be in a way that is super fast and easy to do.
That's why we believe starting great conversations is the way to go.

A meaningful chat with your child can take just five minutes a day, doesn't need any preparation and can be had in the car or school run or dinner table or wherever a pocket of time pops up. But what to talk about? How can these fleeting moments with our kids be turned into coaching moments that will last a lifetime?

Enter KidCoachApp. It's a tool to inspire and help parents have coaching conversations with their children. KidCoachApp has HUNDREDS of quick, fun and thought-provoking questions that kids love to talk about, e.g. “What could the next Harry Potter book be called?”, “Would chocolate rain be a good thing?” or “Is luck a real thing?” Added to every week, these questions are deliberately designed to build a range of 21st century skills and will get kids talking and thinking in fun and new ways.

The icing on the cake? Good conversations build relationships. The KidCoachApp is bringing families together as mundane moments are turned into meaningful memories. Connection through conversation!

Our Values

Sidekick not superhero
We are the sidekick, the guide, the facilitator. The parents we help will always be the superhero, having the conversation and doing the coaching.
Humans over technology
We are the only app that tells you to put it away (once you have read the question). We never want devices to get in the way of a face-to-face chat with our kids.
Profit for good
We will not shy away from asking for a small subscription fee to access the app. This helps us continue our work and help more families around the world.

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