Want better conversations?

Hi! I'm Kavin, dad of two kids, and founder of KidCoach. 👋

If you are a parent with young children you probably want to have more meaningful and memorable conversations them. You probably also want to help them talk and think in new ways, building key skills for their future. 

But the chances are that you probably end up having the same old conversations each time e.g. about how their day was, or what they have eaten or if they have tidied their room etc. It’s understandable! 

At the end of a long day it can be tough to find the energy, inspiration or time to try anything new. 

But there is hope...


I've just released my first book where you will discover:

The key skills kids need and how the humble conversation can build them.

🔹 How to come up with quirky questions your kids will love to talk about.

🔹 Tips to get your child from “I don’t know” to “Here is what I think and why.”

🔹 Over 100 at-a-glance questions you can use at the dinner table, in the car or on the school run.

🔹 Dialogue snippets from dozens of chats with different children on fascinating topics.

🔹 Contributions from seven other education and parenting experts, including a foreword from Ian Gilbert (author of Thunks).



"I meant to just have a quick look but got engrossed in it for about an hour and now dinner will be late!"


“I think what you are offering is excellent. It's a whole way of life really, with the development of the child's mind as a central focus. As it should be! I like the examples which bring ideas to life, and which show what can be achieved in a straightforward way."


"I love the way you write. Easy to read with no fluffy fillers, so enjoyable and informative throughout!"


“It reads very well. Lots for parents to get their teeth into and written in a very accessible way.”