Transform family conversations

Hi! I'm Kavin, dad of two kids, and founder of KidCoach. 👋

Over the past few years I’ve written 50+ articles, appeared on 20+ podcast shows and been featured in 10+ newspapers – including a feature by the BBC.

Each time I was asked to talk about why conversations with kids matter, what questions build skills kids need and how to get into good conversational routines at home.

After a while I felt I should write down all those pieces, in a simple but structured way, to help many more parents like you.

So I did and it's available now on Amazon!


Here's what you will discover inside!

The 12 skills your kids need but won’t get taught at school.

🔹 Why asking “how was school today?” never works and how to come up with much better questions to feed your child’s curiosity.

🔹 Dialogues from dozens of chats I’ve had with various kids so you can see how different children respond to these question.

🔹 Over 100 quirky questions for your kids you can use at the dinner table, in the car or on the school run.

🔹 Why some families fail to get into good conversations despite the best of intentions and how you can avoid that.

🔹 Exclusive insights from seven education and parenting experts, including a foreword from Ian Gilbert (Author of Thunks).



"I meant to just have a quick look but got engrossed in it for about an hour and now dinner will be late!"


“This is a comprehensive and detailed book. You cover a wide ground and many parents would find it an interesting read."


"I love the way you write. Easy to read with no fluffy fillers, so enjoyable and informative throughout!"


“It reads very well. Lots for parents to get their teeth into and written in a very accessible way.”