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What other parents say
Kids talking thinking feeling help Kid Coach App
Mum of 11 and 8 year olds
“What I really like about the coaching cards is that they are divided into different skill sets. It prompts me to have more engaging and stimulating conversations with my children. KidCoachApp bridges the gap between academic and social / emotional skills. It’s very simple and effective and it’s a nice way to have conversations with our kids on-the-go.”
Kid Coach App does it work
Dad of 2 kids
“I have 2 small kids and what I really like about KidCoachApp is that the questions give kids a focused way of expressing all their thoughts. I've been using the questions over the past month and it's been really great to see the positive changes in my kids. While I could come up with some questions myself, the breadth that you have in the App makes life really easy. Great work.”
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Mum of 11 year old
“Every evening, after dinner I have a little chat with my daughter… I enjoy having discussions to stimulate her imagination, creativity and problem solving…. I've just discovered KidCoachApp website where I can find lots of ideas and chat starters. I love the variety of subjects, clean ideas and smart presentation of the cards. I will use them more and more.”
Children interview prep help
Dad of 4 young kids

“The headline questions are helpful but what I’ve got lots of value from are the guidance notes and prompts if stuck. This helps me as a parent take the conversation deeper to make it really meaningful and memorable for my kids."
Kids talking thinking feeling help Kid Coach App
Mum of 7 year old

"I love the idea! I think the cards would be a really useful and handy way to make kids think in different ways, often, not a way taught at school. Look forward to hearing more great ideas!"

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Dad of 14 and 9 year olds

“I find the KidCoachApp to be very good and find it effective for kids to learn new skills, which they don’t learn explicitly in school. So it is great to use these cards when we can and make the conversations more effective to build these human skills. I definitely recommend KidCoachApp.”
Kid Coach App review
Mum of 7 year old

“We are using it for my 7 year old, who is quite bright but we still find it is a good way for him to think outside the box. For instance we loved the question about how many iPads there are in the UK! There are so many other cards and we are loving doing them with him!”