The KidCoachApp 3 Step Model

Kavin Wadhar
August 10, 2021

We built the KidCoachApp in 2020, working closely with many different people - parents as our customers, children as users, teachers and researchers as the education experts and parent coaches as the parenting experts. Since the launch we've continued to work really closely with all of these, especially parents.

We often get asked: "How do you come up with your questions?" So we thought we would show you "behind the scenes" in this short article.

For each step of our model we invite you to get involved - just drop us a line at if you have suggestions.

The KidCoachApp "model"

1) Pick the right skills to develop.

The world is changing fast and our kids will need less academic knowledge and more life skills to thrive. We have done deep research on the exact set of skills needed for the next generation, comparing numerous studies. We are also a partner of Skills Builder who have audited our content and mapped it to their essential skills framework.

👉Get involved: Are there any particular skills you are keen for your child to develop? Just let us know and we will double down in this area!

2) Write great questions based on this.

Great questions and prompts take time to formulate and are hard to come up with on the spot. They need to be clear but not leading, they need to be thoughtful but overwhelming, they need to create divergence of thought not convergence to an answer.  Our team has been trained by Philosophy For Children provider Sapere in how to do this and we also get regular input from our Advisory Board, a team of education and parenting experts. We noticed for instance that kids love it when questions are based on things they are interested in, e.g. Harry Potter!  

👉Get involved: Do you want us to write questions and prompts for you on YOUR child’s favourite topic? Just email us and let us know what that is!

3) Test with kids to make sure it works.

Many of the questions in the KidCoachApp have been tried out with kids and published in the podcast KidCoach Conversations, with the permission of their parents. Each conversation is only about 10 minutes long and is a great way to recreate and test the type of chats parents could be doing at home. Kids have absolutely loved the experience and we have found it helpful in tweaking the questions here and there.

👉Get involved: Would you like your child to feature on the podcast? Just drop us a line if so with how old they are and when they would be available.


That's it. Three simple steps but a lot of hard work involved.

As they say, it is complicated to make something really simple.

Just email us at if you would like to get involved in any of those steps.

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Written by
Kavin Wadhar

Kavin Wadhar is a parent of 2 kids and founder of guided conversations for parents to get their kids talking, thinking and feeling. Kavin left his corporate role in education publishing to pursue his passion to help parents develop in their kids the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Working with a team of parents and education experts, Kavin has built an App for parents with hundreds of questions like those in this article, and with additional guidance / prompts to take conversations deeper. Check it out!

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