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Hi, my name is Kavin Wadhar and I am a dad of two young kids. I am married and live in London with my wonderful wife, Emma.

Just like you  – I have a very busy life (even before the Covid-19 situation!) – juggling work, home, kids etc. It feels like the kids are growing up too fast and before long they will be lost to “big” school and social media.

Have you noticed though the occasional “moments” in the day where for just five minutes you have the opportunity to have a focused and meaningful discussion with one of your kids?

Perhaps during dinner, or bedtime, or the school run (when they re-open)? But all too often this moment comes and goes, spent in transactional talk like “How was school?”, “What did you eat for lunch?”, “Have you done your homework?” etc.

I understand how this feels – like a moment lost - and I really wanted to do something to help us parents better capture and use them productively to develop our kids. That’s why I quit my Corporate job in Education publishing to start this company – KidCoachApp.

You see, I had written several questions to use with my own kids that also develop really important skills like communication and critical thinking and resilience. For example: “How would you describe a computer to Julius Caesar?” “How would you estimate the number of iPads in the UK?” "What do you find easy now that was once quite hard?" I found they were a great way to use five minutes here and there to create coaching moments that my kids will never forget.

Sharing them with some other parents they told me how helpful they were as a source of inspiration, which led to better use of family time at home and more rounded kids. So I thought I would write even more questions and develop an App, to make this approach accessible for many more parents around the world.

The really great thing about these questions is they focus on the skills that will really matter for our kids in the future – so called “social” “cognitive” and “emotional skills – or as I call them talking, thinking and feeling skills.

There is plenty written about how important these are for kids to learn, alongside the traditional academic subjects learned at school – see for example the most ever TED talk viewed by Ken Robinson. In writing our questions we are partnering with several education experts, teachers and other parents.

So don’t delay – join hundreds of parents who have already signed up and are finding new ways to develop and bond with their child, in just five minutes a day.

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