What super strength do Parents have when it comes to teaching?

Kavin W.
April 10, 2020

Dear Fellow Parents,

We already have what it takes to Educate our children in the things that REALLY MATTER! 💪

Lots of us are going crazy trying to home educate I know - struggling to remember what Pythagoras' Theorem is, or who the main characters in Macbeth are, or what the boiling point of Ethanol is etc 🤷

But I would like to remind everyone that we are extremely well trained and qualified already to help our kids with essential life skills / 21st century soft skills.💥

Let me ask you -

  1. Are you an Adult?
  2. Have you got real world experiences under your belt?
  3. Can you hold a conversation?
  4. Do you know your child really well?
  5. Can you afford to give them 5 minutes of undivided attention?

If you answered YES! to all of these, then I have just the thing for you.👌

You need to try the conversation starters on this website. There are lots of questions available (just sign up for free) which we can ask our kids to get them talking and thinking in new ways.

It won't teach them Maths, English or Science - but it will develop their Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking skills etc.

3 examples 👇👇👇

1) What are 10 different things to do with a Cup? (Creativity)

2) Can you summarise this article for me in 1 minute? (Communication)

3) How many iPads are there in the UK? (Critical Thinking)


💪 Believe me, you are 100% qualified to have these conversations already (and anyway there is some additional guidance / prompts inside if you get stuck). The result will be kids learning and developing skills without even realising it!

For me, these soft skills taught here is what REALLY MATTERS, and we are all 100% capable of coaching them up in already!

We can do this! Sign up now!

Written by
Kavin W.

Kavin left a comfortable corporate role to pursue his passion. He has built KidCoachApp, which provides parents with hundreds of guided conversations for parents to get their kids talking, thinking and feeling - and building skills they will need to thrive. He lives in London with his wife and 2 kids.

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