What's going on? Images to get kids talking.

Kavin Wadhar
January 12, 2022

A picture paints a thousand words. Which is great when we are trying to get kids talking!

We have handpicked several really interesting images that you can talk to your kids about. Each is aligned to a different 21st century skill and has various questions for discussion afterwards.

Your child will probably point out stuff that you could not see - this happens all the time to me!

Remember there is no right answer to much of this. Just enjoy the conversations.

Here we go!

1) Human Evolution (Philosophy)

Human Evolution (Philosophy)

Questions for discussion:

  1. How have humans evolved over time and why?
  2. Do we lead better lives today than our ancestors did?
  3. Why is a mobile phone a symbolic and powerful device?
  4. What would your grandfather's grandfather think of this picture?
  5. What do you think will happen next?

2) Lion In The Mirror (Confidence)

Lion In The Mirror (Confidence)

Questions for discussion:

  1. Why does the cat see a lion in the mirror?
  2. How might the reflection change each day?
  3. What would others see when looking at the cat?
  4. Does it matter how we see ourselves?
  5. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

3) At The Beach (Communication)

Beach Scene (Communication)

Questions for discussion

  1. How would you describe the weather?
  2. How many people are at the beach, approximately?
  3. What are all the different games people are playing?
  4. How could you tell what city this beach is in?
  5. How could you tell what decade this scene is from?

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4) Driving Data (Analytics)

Driving Data (Analytics)

  1. How many people believe themselves to be better drivers than average?
  2. How can this be true?
  3. Were the people taking this survey lying?
  4. Does it depend who is asking you the question?
  5. What else does the source tell us?

5) Grouping Objects (Critical Thinking)

Grouping Objects (Critical Thinking)

Questions for discussion

  1. How are all these objects different?
  2. Can you think of some common themes however?
  3. Can you make a up a story to include at least five of the objects?
  4. Which object is the most odd one out and why?
  5. Which object would fit well as an addition to this page and why?

6) Child Outside (Creativity)

Child Outside (Creativity)

Questions for discussion

  1. What is the child doing?
  2. What was he doing before the snow started falling?
  3. Where is his home?
  4. Is he happy?
  5. What's the fire for?


I hope you enjoyed these images and it lead to some great conversations with your child. We picked them carefully to build different 21st century skills - like communication, critical thinking and creativity - and we occasionally add more to this article.

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Kavin Wadhar

Kavin Wadhar is a parent of 2 kids and founder of guided conversations for parents to get their kids talking, thinking and feeling. Kavin left his corporate role in education publishing to pursue his passion to help parents develop in their kids the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Working with a team of parents and education experts, Kavin has built an App for parents with hundreds of questions like those in this article, and with additional guidance / prompts to take conversations deeper. Check it out!

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