FAQs by parents trying the KidCoachApp

Kavin Wadhar
November 19, 2021

Thousands of parents of 6-12 year olds have downloaded and tried out the KidCoachApp now.

While many parents love it, we have noticed some frequently asked questions that crop up.

Here we go.

Q. How can I find the time to do this?

A. You don’t need to find new time for this. You already talk to your kids several times a day, don't you? Perhaps you can just use that time differently. A KidCoach conversation only needs to last 5 minutes and can be done wherever works for your family. Some do theirs at the dinner table, some when in the car or out for a walk (perhaps on the school run) and others just before bed time.

Q. How can I remember to do this?

A. Set a reminder on your phone for when you want to do this. Maybe there is a regular time each day when you want to try it out. It might be during the school run, or at the dinner table or just before bedtime. Here is a top tip: after your kids go to sleep, open the app and favourite a question ready for the next day.

Q. I don’t know how to have these type of conversations

A. They are unusual but we are here to help. Asking children these sorts of questions is quite strange , but they absolutely love them and they are great for getting them to talk and think in new ways. To help, we spend hours writing and testing the perfect prompts for you. These can be found inside every conversation card and are designed to keep conversations going and to deepen their thinking. You might find this article we wrote also helpful: Seven Ways To Have Better Conversations With Kids. You can do this!

Q. How can I get my child to sit down and take an interest?

A. We write questions on popular topics like sports, movies, animals, friends and other things that kids are into. We love hearing your suggestions so you can also make a request for questions by emailing: Another top tip is to pick a time when you naturally have your child's attention, like at the dinner table or in the car. It's much easier to talk to them when they can't run away!

Q. Do I really need an app to tell me what to talk to my kids about?

A. Apps are there to make our lives easier. You have enough to worry about with doing your job, keeping the house in order and taking care of the family (not to mention yourself!) If an app can help you make better use of time with your kids, creating memories for a lifetime that you will both cherish, then why would you not give it a go?


Q. Will I get charged if I don’t like it?

A. Nope. It’s all 100% risk-free. Your free trial will end after 2 weeks, but you have to actively choose to subscribe. It will NOT happen automatically.

Q. I don't really want to be buying YET another subscription

A. So many apps charge a subscription, but have you seen anything else like the KidCoachApp? The modern life is a subscription life and it can all add up - we get it! That's why we encourage you to think about what is truly unique and can't be done in other ways. If you decide KidCoachapp fits in that bucket then remember a subscription is only the price of a coffee a month. Isn't that worth it to be able to connect better with your kids and get them talking and thinking in new ways?

Hope that helps!

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Written by
Kavin Wadhar

Kavin Wadhar is a parent of 2 kids and founder of guided conversations for parents to get their kids talking, thinking and feeling. Kavin left his corporate role in education publishing to pursue his passion to help parents develop in their kids the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Working with a team of parents and education experts, Kavin has built an App for parents with hundreds of questions like those in this article, and with additional guidance / prompts to take conversations deeper. Check it out!

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